Here Are Some Recommendations Our Clients Wrote About Us

Eric Davis from Israel:
I arrived on the flight from tel aviv to Kilimanjaro and met by my guide Herman KYARA. A nicer man you could ever meet. his patients, his knoledge and his driving ability was unbelivable. With Herman I always felt safe. Going with him every morning out with him every morning or having your meals with him, or talking to him was an absolute pleasure. At the mornings, when we are ready to go out for drives the car was clean, in the car there was bottels of water with ice, a little bit fruites and fruit juice.
Eric Davis................ Sorry Dyslexic......

Levi family from Israel:
Dear Herman,
I hope everything is ok with you.
I trust you remember me and my family. We were in Tanzania safari tour at the end of September just few month ago. We came from Israel and were 10 people in 2 cars, where most of time myself, Michael, Ruth, Asron and Shula (Savta's birthday celebration) were with you in your car In this occasion, we want to thank you once again about the great trip with you, and that we really appreciated your knowledge and personal skills. Also, I recall that we had a discussion about some farming business and maybe some other opportunities in Tanzania that you are running and maybe looking for a small investment. If this is still relevant, please let me know and if this is something interesting which may also be an opportunity for us, maybe we could do something together.
Best regards, and HAKUNA MATATA,
Michael Levi and the family.

Helga and Ingo brocade from Germany:
Sirs, We would like specifically to thank your company for the Safari in the mentioned period. In particular, we would like to thank our guide Herman for his prudent, polite and nice way. Herman brought us Tanzania with its different facets closer. Please submit further our thanks and greetings from Germany / Germany also to Herman.
Yours sincerely Helga and Ingo brocade Ahsante sana! Kwa Heri ya kuonana 2013/7

Reinhard, Margret, Karin and Martin from Germany:
Hello Hermann and family, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2015 Greetings from Germany by Reinhard, Margret, Karin and Martin We often think of the good times with you on safari and your wife and children we have met.
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Marina Conrad from Germany:
Dear Herman Now we are again a good week at home, everyday life has us quickly wieder.Es remains a beautiful memory of a wonderful trip, our photos are proof be of interested friends bestaunt.Das this trip so super had we have you to verdanken. Deine friendliness, helpfulness, good mood, your knowledge and your safer driving style has us well getan.Nochmal many thanks for alles .Ich wish you many orders with nice people, a nice ZeitšŸ˜Šliebe.
Greetings your Marina Conrad.